Ideas that spark from the collected.


I am definitely a collector of images and also of objects. I am drawn often to a shape or a detail of how something is made or even 2 colours next to one another. These collections are about the storing of potential ideas, a bit like the creative mind computing away, using these things that sit in our everyday peripheral vision.

I have had one such image in my workshop, on the wall next to my work bench, probably for about 2 years, by the German artist Jens Wolf. It was only after I had made the Eve bag that I realised that the original idea had come from seeing this everyday....not thinking, just seeing.

When I started designing I knew it was about circles and parts of circles. It was also about the fit on the body, arm movement and also that the hand could get underneath the base of the bag when being used.

I love the process of collecting ideas, some people use a sketch book or a notebook but when I look at an image I've saved I can always remember the detail that drew me in in the first place.