The Workshop Store - Creativity and the working space.

I have been in my current workshop now for around five years.

It is a wonderful space with big windows and south-facing light. It is also quite big (I know, a good problem to have) and I am expanding into it. For some parts of the year I do have other people in here assisting me and that changes the energy and can make more structure in a working day.

My creativity is often at it's best when I am in a variety of different places and not just the routine ones of work and home.  So this, for me, precludes the idea of a 'creative space' as it applies too much pressure to the process and stops it from flowing. So my workshop is, as the name suggests more of a working place to try out ideas which then lead on to others and so the design process continues...

In the continuing evolvement of this space I will be opening the doors to visitors and customers alike on Thursdays and Fridays every week starting on the 20th September. This will form my new Workshop Store, where alongside my leather bags, I will be showing new products of my own and the work of others too...much more news on this to come...

This for me will be an exciting phase.

I look forward to seeing you.