New season shoot day with Emma Croman

Its been a few weeks now since our photo shoot day with photographer Emma Croman, I now have so many beautiful images, so of course it's easier to tell my story...

A shoot really is a culmination of lots of work and a gathering and bringing together of some great ingredients, discussion of ideas and then letting go into the flow of the day...

The first ingredient is always the people, Emma (photography) Emily (model) and me. Then the location, The Ceyda Tanc dance studio in Brighton- a beautiful place. The clothes (beg, borrow, steal- thanks Woven Store and Vic and Bert) a few well chosen props and of course the bags!





Posted on Aug 13, 2019

The Workshop Store - Creativity and the working space.

I have been in my current workshop now for around five years.

It is a wonderful space with big windows and south-facing light. It is also quite big (I know, a good problem to have) and I am expanding into it. For some parts of the year I do have other people in here assisting me and that changes the energy and can make more structure in a working day.

My creativity is often at it's best when I am in a variety of different places and not just the routine ones of work and home.  So this, for me, precludes the idea of a 'creative space' as it applies too much pressure to the process and stops it from flowing. So my workshop is, as the name suggests more of a working place to try out ideas which then lead on to others and so the design process continues...

In the continuing evolvement of this space I will be opening the doors to visitors and customers alike on Thursdays and Fridays every week starting on the 20th September. This will form my new Workshop Store, where alongside my leather bags, I will be showing new products of my own and the work of others too...much more news on this to come...

This for me will be an exciting phase.

I look forward to seeing you.




Posted on Sep 13, 2018

Ideas that spark from the collected.


I am definitely a collector of images and also of objects. I am drawn often to a shape or a detail of how something is made or even 2 colours next to one another. These collections are about the storing of potential ideas, a bit like the creative mind computing away, using these things that sit in our everyday peripheral vision.

I have had one such image in my workshop, on the wall next to my work bench, probably for about 2 years, by the German artist Jens Wolf. It was only after I had made the Eve bag that I realised that the original idea had come from seeing this everyday....not thinking, just seeing.

When I started designing I knew it was about circles and parts of circles. It was also about the fit on the body, arm movement and also that the hand could get underneath the base of the bag when being used.

I love the process of collecting ideas, some people use a sketch book or a notebook but when I look at an image I've saved I can always remember the detail that drew me in in the first place. 



Posted on Aug 13, 2018

'Celebrating Summer' our photo shoot with Woven the Agency.

Here at Anna Pugh we love a collaboration, so when the opportunity to work with Alby from Woven the Agency came up, we jumped at the opportunity. 

After some discussion, we decided on a photo shoot, and alongside her very talented daughter Tilda, pooled our ideas and got creative!

Alby represents exciting independent brands such as Nygards Anna, East by East West and Vic and Bert to name a few so the wardrobe choice was amazing, and with Tilda's styling skills we had a lot of fun......


See both Tilda and Alby on Instagram @tildytumtum  @woventheagency





Posted on Jun 19, 2018


We are very pleased to now be stocked in the shop at The Wallace Collection, London. In connection with this Summer’s Gilded Interiors Exhibition, our metallic soft folding styles, Ava, Adele and Gerry will sit alongside other unique and interesting items in the recently refurbished shop.

The newly opened exhibition ‘Gilded Interiors’ displays objects from the late eighteenth century that demonstrate the decorative art of gilding. Traditionally, architects and sculptors used gilt bronze to create beautifully ornate objects with high functionality, such as clocks, candelabra and embellishments for furniture pieces.


Find out more about current exhibitions and displays at The Wallace Collection on their website. 

To shop the gold and graphite, click on the images below. 

Posted on May 19, 2017